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RF Online is now free

Amanda Rivera

It sounds like I am repeating myself, but honestly I'm not. No sooner did we post about the Fileplanet promotion connected to RF Online and their free game keys then the game went and changed its mind. I guess they realized that people like free games, particularly ones this pretty, and decided to give everyone a chance to experience their game, not just those with Fileplanet accounts.

Armed with this knowledge, I proceeded to spend more time that I should have this weekend playing the game for the first time. I rolled a spiritualist since all my friends wanted to play DPS (I guess it happens in every game) or tanks. Interestingly enough I seemed to be the only one who rolled a spiritualist of the dozens of recent players on Sunday, so I guess I can make an assumption that people find it more fun to slash things with an incredibly huge sword than to heal others slashing things with incredibly huge swords.

So far I like the game, apart from the slaughter of the Flems, an incredibly adorable race of telepathic bunny creatures that beg for you to stop hurting them. Exactly how much harm can they be doing to the area, really? I haven't seen much in the way of storyline, but like I said I was only in the game during this past weekend. One tip though, when you create your character, do yourself a favor and skip the tutorial. This tutorial assumes you do not know how to open an options menu, and will teach you how to walk in every direction, and you and I both know this is something you already know.

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