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Transmission .90 released


Transmission - the open source, lightweight BitTorrent client that is the closest alternative to uTorrent that us Mac users can get - has just released version .90.

New features added in this update include:

  • Encryption support (finally!), with an option to ignore unencrypted peers
  • The ability to ban peers that send too much bad data
  • Reporting only downloaded and verified good data to the tracker
  • Improved BitTorrent compliance and more

For OS X users, specific updates include:
A per-torrent action menu, optimizations to decrease memory usage, and general changes/updates to the interface to make managing files easier and to provide users with more options.

Note: Users upgrading from version .72 or earlier will lose any data from uncompleted downloads, so please beware and either move your torrents to another program or finish downloads before installing the upgrade.

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