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AT&T pushes MediaFLO launch out to early '08

Chris Ziegler

Whoa, a carrier slipping a deadline for a major new feature? How very unusual! AT&T is the unlucky subject of our wrath here on news that it has opted to move its MediaFLO-based mobile TV launch from the second half of '07 to the "very early part of 2008." The company's being a little shifty about the reasons for the move but has vaguely chalked it up to fine-tuning of the service -- lingo we interpret as "it doesn't work yet." With Verizon having launched its VCAST TV service in the early months of this year -- a service that also happens to be based on Qualcomm's MediaFLO tech -- AT&T looks to come dangerously close to missing Verizon's mark by a full year, a fate eerily similar the one met by its 3G launch. Of course, with the LG Vu looking lined up to be one of AT&T's launch handsets for the service, it all might just be worth the wait. Maybe.

[Thanks, Fernando]

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