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Betty Boop: Double Shift: new screens in color


In a shocking turn of events, DSI Games continues to work on a Betty Boop game despite the fact that linear time continues to move away from the 1930's. If time moved backwards, or perhaps in a cycle, such that we would some day approach the first half of the 20th century, we'd totally understand, but no. Betty Boop is continually losing relevance as we speak.

As expected, Betty Boop: Double Shift features Betty dashing through a diner. For what it's worth, it includes ... a bunch of other cartoon characters we vaguely recognize but can't identify. But it's not all Diner Dash. There's an extraordinarily simple rhythm minigame as well!

Keep in mind that DSI is also publishing Barnyard Blast, which more than balances out one or two projects like this.

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