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Breakfast topic: The world from a gnome's eyes

Amanda Rivera

Gnomes are not necessarily exclusive only to World of Warcraft, but as a race, the WoW iteration of the people is quite unique. We recently got a chance to see, via the Beer Goggles, what the world would be like if it were populated with gnomes, and a scary, scary distopia it would be. Whenever I am turned into a Leper Gnome as a Hallow's End trick, I spend the hour fighting from their perspective, as if the game camera were hovering just inches off the ground. And that's pretty much it for me, it's all I can take not to turn off the costume at once.

I often wonder what it would be like to live within Azeroth, and try to imagine what it would be like to actually be a troll or an orc. The perspective of a gnome brings all kinds of challenges, and is one I don't think I would ever knowingly pick. I have had two gnome characters in my time, but each time the camera perspective has frustrated me to the point where I had to delete them and move on. Despite the issues with their height, I can imagine that living in Gnomeregan when it was, you know, clean and such, was a complete blast. An entire community of tinkerers and engineers, obsessed with creating their inventions despite how dangerous they might become.

I'm sure the roleplay opportunities are endless when you play a gnome, and I have seen nothing more amusing than a gnome warrior charging into fight Void Reaver. But still, the world from a gnome's eyes has got to be pretty skewed, and I don't know if I could ever get myself to do it long term. Unless, of course, the gnome were a Death Knight.

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