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Get Mario on your 360


Last week, you may recall our sister site DS Fanboy frothing over a Zelda-themed Xbox 360 faceplate, a fine, one-of-a-kind piece of fanwork that eventually sold on eBay for the criminally low price of $31.

At the bottom of said auction, creator 'worldwidewebbs' (who has a bit of a knack for these, it would seem) promised us a Mario version within the week, and has duly delivered. Impressively, this fantastic Super Mario World faceplate (which, as we type, is still only at $21.50) boasts moving parts (the Piranha Plant emerges from its pipe at the touch of a spring-loaded button) and even a sound chip that plays the jaunty Mario theme.

Sir, we applaud your talents! While simmering beneath the surface with envy.

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