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Netflix wants service on your console


In a conference call with analysts, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings brought up the idea of enabling the service through "internet connected game consoles." That was one of numerous options proposed. Currently Netflix only offers movie rentals by mail or PC streaming, but it's been no secret that Netflix has been seeking to connect with a company that has an internet enabled box attached to a television in the home. The obvious contenders for this service in the game space would be the PS3 and the Xbox 360 -- and that's where things get interesting if we look back a few months.

Back in March, Hastings joined the board of Microsoft. Considering Xbox Live already has an amazing infrastructure set up, the real question becomes: How difficult would it be to implement Netflix service on it? Even if the movie takes a day to download, it's still better than mail for those with a modicum of patience. Netflix revolutionized the way we rent movies, could it revolutionize the way non-gamers in the household view the Xbox 360 (or PS3)?

[Via Gamasutra]

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