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Nintendo uses natural selection for its quality control

Justin McElroy

EGM and likely many, many Wii and DS owners have maligned the lack of quality control on Nintendo platforms of late, especially considering how tightly the company held the reigns in its early days. In a recent interview with MTV Multiplayer, outgoing Nintendo spokesperson Perrin Kaplan defended the company, explaining that it was less focused on quality control than natural selection.

"If [publishers] publish for any of the three, if the product does not sell well, it fails on its own. If they cannot get shelf space, it fails on its own. If consumers don't buy it, it fails on its own. So I do think that the poorer stuff does get sifted out and the really good products do rise to the top," Kaplan said.

There's logic to what she's saying, of course. But it must be easy to advocate survival of the fittest when all of your games are Jack Lalanne.

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