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PTR Notes: New Arena weapons, Fanatacism tweak, Hunter dead zone


A new build of patch 2.3 has landed on the public test realms with a few notable changes, as follows:
  • Three new Arena weapons: A caster staff, a gun, and a bow.
  • The Retribution Paladin talent Fanaticism has been changed to decrease threat only when Righteous Fury is not active.
  • The range for a Hunter's ranged attacks has been changed from 1 - 41 yards, eliminating their dead zone.
  • The Mage's Ritual of Refreshment now requires 2 arcane powder instead of a rune of portals.
  • The 4-piece bonus on the Mage PvP set has been changed to 2 seconds off the cooldown of Blink.
  • Sorry, Hunters, but those cool-looking Zul'Aman bears are no longer tamable.
  • Mats for the Adamantite Arrow Maker reduced. Was: Adamantite Frame, Simple Wood x10, Fel Iron Bolts x2. Now: Adamantite Bar, Simple Woodx4, Fell Iron Bolts x2. However, the schematic no longer specifies that the item has multiple charges. Whether this means the new version of the Adamantite Arrow Maker is single-charge or if that particular information was cut off the tooltip for some reason, I can't say. Any engineers out there want to hop on the PTRs, make one, and let us know if the item itself has been changed?
  • Darnassus has its own guild bank now.
  • Ogri'la potions buffed.
  • New Sporebat pet for exalted Sporregar faction.
  • New level 70 elite guards outside Zul'Aman. However, these guards certainly aren't graphically themed for Zul'Aman (and why would Tauren and Orcs be guarding a Troll temple?), and I wonder if they've been added to the PTRs to curtail the PvP-fest happening outside.
[Thanks, Paldyn!]

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