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24 Hours of Leopard: Dictionary

Scott McNulty

Feature: Dictionary

How it works:
Find a word you don't know the meaning of, launch the app, find the meaning, and rejoice. But that's not all! The new and improved Dictionary in Leopard defines words, it is true, but it also shows you Wikipedia information about whatever term you searched for. Dictionary has also been integrated into Spotlight, so if you search of a word the Dictionary definition will pop up in the results. Dictionary will also translate Japanese terms into English, and contains an Apple specific dictionary chock full of Apple specific terms (I wonder if TUAW is in there).

Who will use it: Linguists, Seekers of Truth, and people who can't spell (not that that ever happens to me).

And so ends our 24 Hours of Leopard. We hope you've enjoyed this little warm up to the main event, and remember if you want to see all of the posts in this series just check out this page.

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