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Cosplaying Brit reviews Phantom Hourglass

Eric Caoili

As we've proven many times over, what with our posts on cowboy pigs and mutant cats, we have a penchant for the non traditional. Take Play Digital's Phantom Hourglass review, for example -- it completely reinvents the standard video review conducted by some dude, updating the formula with a video review conducted by some, uh, dudette.

Alright, so female gamers are nothing new (we happen to have a couple of them on our staff, so I'm told), but the video still stands out for its success at appealing to people with two different, specialized fetishes: girls with British accents and girls who cosplay as Link. Even without those selling points, the review and its cutaway clips are entertaining enough to warrant watching.

Katharine, Play Digital's English critic, has put together about a dozen of these videos, her other pieces covering titles like Jam Sessions, Naruto Ninja Council 3, and Sonic Rush Adventure. Before you run to see what furry outfit Katharine suited herself in for that last one, keep in mind that she doesn't usually dress up for these reviews; you'll have to yiff elsewhere.

[Via Penny Arcade Forums]

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