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DirecTV unveils HD Starship mobile display

Steven Kim

Just in case DirecTV's lineup of HD channels wasn't enough to make you take notice, they've rolled out their own display -- in the mobile space no less. The DirecTV HD Starship made its debt at the World Series, hoisting its HD cameras and 70 x 30-foot LED display to share the video goodness with everybody in attendance. Yeah, that screen measurement is in feet. So it's huge; it's gotta be HD, too, right? Well, that's a little disappointing: 33,600 pixels, which comes out to 280 x 120 pixels. Ouch. Sure, a viewing distance chart will tell you that past 270-feet even ED 480P is more than you need. But still, HD it isn't. So if you're lucky enough to catch a World Series game in person, get your eyes back on the game! As we like to say, "How good can it be, if it ain't in HD?"

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