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Dressed up right for Leopard release night


We asked for it, and even though I'm kind of regretting it, we got it. On the left is young readers Ben and Austin, dressed for the part (I can't believe no one threw red paint on them) at the Leopard launch this afternoon in Holyoke, MA. And on the right, in the, errr, eMac, is reader Geir Arne from Norway. Boy, do they loves them some hilarious Mac costumes in Norway, because as of this posting, he's on the front page of one of their biggest tech news sites.

Oh man, I can't stop laughing, not just at how crazy these guys look, but just at how extremely happy they are to be dressed up like that and buying Leopard. You guys crack me up. All of these guys (and you, if you send us a picture) will be sure to appear in our Halloween costume gallery on Wednesday, so keep sending those pics in! Sure, you could spend hours on a great costume and show it off to one Apple store in the country, but why not take a pic, send it here, and be seen by all the world?

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