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HP's Media Center PC with CableCARD for $1250

Ben Drawbaugh

We didn't realize this was news, but after we discovered that Sony was selling ATI's CableCARD tuner for $300 by it's lonesome, we realized how few people knew that you could buy a Media Center PC with a CableCARD tuner for less than $3000. We agree that $300 for a CableCARD tuner is out of control ridiculous -- especially compared to a TiVo HD which sells for the same price and has dual CableCARD tuners -- but to go around and pretend like they only work with "expensive" Media Center PCs is ridiculous. Sure it sucks that it costs $300 and that you have to buy it with a OEM like HP or Dell just to get it, but we for one are just glad they are a reality, now if only DirecTV or Dish would make a tuner like this for Media Center.

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