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New Blue Dragon items now on XBLM


Microsoft sends word that a new piece of downloadable content is now available for Blue Dragon. This is the second bit of DLC for the game, the first -- Hard mode - being released last month. This new DLC is entitled "6 Treasures" gives players access to 6 new items that grant special abilities to their characters. One in particular -- the Shuffled Helmet -- creates the most powerful armor in the game when combined with Shuffled Splint and Shuffled Breastplate. Honestly, we haven't delved into the game, so we don't know how useful all these items are, though they will probably be welcome to those endeavoring to complete hard mode. The DLC is available for 200 MS Points. Check out the all 6 of the items contained in the pack after the break.

  • "Whimsical Mind" – growth item that enhances a few randomly-picked categories by 0-4 levels
  • "Way of Thieves" – in-battle item that can steal rare items possessed by enemy creatures
  • "Devee Phonograph" – allows you to listen to the "Devee-tribe dance"
  • "Nothing Glasses" – visualizes all "nothing" points by means of a star-looking symbol (oftentimes you'll find a lot of items that contain "nothing", followed by an English-speaking narrator saying "nothing").
  • "Shuffled Helmet" – item that adjusts magical and speed parameters (Magic +40 / Speed -40). Detrimental when used by itself because the speed parameter goes down by 50 points, but when equipped along with "Shuffled Breastplate" and "Shuffled Splint", this item can quadruplicate the Magic parameters and reverse the Speed parameters. So it becomes the strongest equipment in the game. (Magic +160 / Speed +40)
  • Spring-wind Scarf"" – adjusts characters' HP and Speed parameters by 20%

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