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New Phantasy Star Universe pack coming Nov. 20 for $20

Justin McElroy

Way, way back in April we brought you news of Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus, as we marveled at its beautiful, cumbersome title. Sega has finally announced that the DLC will be coming on Nov. 20 for 1600 points ($20). If you've been playing on PS2, you'll have to buy a stand-alone retail disc for $39.99, but, curiously, so will PC players. What, did the internet stop working?

In addition to the single-player campaign being continued, the pack adds the usual new levels, as well as expanded lobby areas and a new casino. There's also some new customization options for your character, like new Photon Arts and clothing. That sounds like a good deal for 360 players, but for those on PC and PS2, we imagine it might be a tougher purchasing decision.

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