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Nintendo Wii Virtual Console gift giving service


In another portion of the 'absolutely no Wii price cut' story we covered earlier this morning, Nintendo's prez unveiled a feature that allows people to "send each other games over the internet using the Wii's shopping channel." The explanation by AP is a little too quick and dirty for our taste, so we've contacted Nintendo's PR for a cleaner explanation. The piece says that users will be able to select a game to send as a gift to another user and when the recipient accepts, "the Wii automatically launches the shopping channel and begins the download."

Like we said, we're looking to get more details on this potentially great service. We just need to know things like: Does this mean grandma needs to comprehend the multi-digit friend codes? Does the person need to be a friend first? Isn't it easier just to give a Wii Points gift card? We hope to update you soon with the answers.

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