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Video roundup: Halo 3 and TF2 goodness


Friday always seems like a good day to post some funny videos. It's the end of the week. People are happy to be getting off work for the weekend. And so, we're less likely to get all the outraged "THIS ISN'T NEWS" comments. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy these videos we have gathered for your enjoyment. First up is the Halo 3 video you see above. Oftentimes in the game, the only time we appreciate the physics engine is when you see your limp, dead body crumple to the ground. However, most objects have physics attached to them, including rockets and grenades. In fact, with proper timing (or incredible luck), a grenade can deflect a rocket. Watch it happen in the video above, and stick around for the surprise ending. We've got another Halo 3 video and a Team Fortress 2 video after the break.

Here we have another 1 in a million chance, when a spike grenade sticks to a frag grenade in midair. We're betting the resulting death was quite a surprise.

Now this video makes us envious of all the folks playing Team Fortress 2 on PC (aside from the whole 360 lag thing). See, the PC version allows players to create graffiti tags. This guy has gotten very creative with his. We won't spoil it, so you'll have to watch for yourself.

As usual, if you have any awesome or funny videos (Halo 3 or otherwise), let us know.

[Thanks, Edwin Zee and MitchyD88]

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