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Sony, KDDI products to allow music interchange

Chris Ziegler

Those new handsets rolling out of KDDI's labs already have plenty of ways to get music bought and stored, but they're about to get one more thanks to an agreement with Sony. The basic idea is that KDDI phones and Sony portable and home systems with digital music capability will be able to exchange music, and while handset-to-PMP interchange doesn't seem particularly useful, we can definitely get behind an initiative to let users immediately move tracks purchased on their phones to their Sony mini systems when they get home. There isn't any detail here on just how the DRM is all going to play out, but with Sony taking a step back from the online music store biz as of late, it's entirely possible that the purchases will come exclusively from KDDI's end. Look for free software upgrades to enable the action starting this December.

[Via mocoNews]

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