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Joystiq Asks: What features should MS spring for the Fall Update?

So, we know those IPTV screens are "unrelated" to the Xbox 360's Fall Update, but that's about all we know about the last of this year's major 360 updates. Last year's Fall Update (was that really the first?) included 1080p support, HD DVD functionality, XNA functionality, WMV compatibility, and more. Some pretty big-ticket items in there, to be sure. And there's been two Spring Updates ('06 and '07), both of which came with some huge improvements including background downloading and chat and IM functionality.

Just two days before the one-year anniversary of the Fall Update, we'd like to ask you Joystiqers, what should we expect to see in this year's Fall Update? We've heard rumors of DivX video support, an XBLA blade, and integrated clan functionality. Surely there's more up the sleeve of Redmond's oversized fall-themed sweater. Us? We'd love to be able to change the listed gamertag of 'xXsmokezmadbluntz420Xx' to the more frequently used title: 'Mom'. And what do you, dear readers, want to see in your Fall Update? Vote up the comments you like best and we'll compile the best answers later in the week.

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