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Simpsons writers say Rockstar 'spazzed' over GTA spoof

Kyle Orland

The writers behind The Simpsons Game aren't too impressed with Rockstar's recent apoplexy over the game's "Grand Theft Scratchy" parody level. In an interview with Game Head's Geoff Keighley, Simpsons Executive Producer and Writer Matt Selman said the Grand Theft Auto makers "spazzed out like little babies" over marketing that included a poster for the parody game.

Selman told Keighley that it's ridiculous to expect gamers to think an Itchy and Scratchy poster is actually promoting a real Grand Theft Auto game. He also said the concern was particularly ironic coming from Rockstar, a company whose "games are full of satire, lame attempts at parody... basically putting the words sixty-nine in wherever they can find it, that's their idea of a joke." That's known in the comedy business as a roast.

While EA's lawyers have been quick to remove any "Grand Theft" references from the game's marketing, Selman hinted that the Grand Theft Scratchy content could make it into the final game unaltered. If that happens, will Rockstar react like the cool rock stars their name implies or will we hear more baby-like spazzing? Here's hoping for the latter ... it makes for a great headline.

Check out the interview after the break.

[Via GamePolitics]

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