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Still trying to find a Wii? Try Amazon this week


Have you been sick to your stomach over the last year, hitting up store after store in your region only to be welcomed by such a lazily-made sign such as this, by some employee who is equally sick of seeing your face so often, because all you want is the best gaming console ever created? Well, you've got an honest shot at securing a console from come Wednesday morning, as a PR rep for the company has informed us the online vendor has been stocking up consoles and preparing to fling them out the door with equal the speed at which they arrived.

That's right, come this Wednesday at 10am PST (Pacific time, that's 1PM for those of us on the East Coast, so you might want to take an early lunch if you're at work), will be selling the console from their video games section of their website. We can't provide any exact figures as to how many consoles has to sell, but we've been told it's "significant," if that means anything to you.

Happy hunting to those of you still on the prowl and be sure to let us know how you fare!

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