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$1 million Halo 3 tournament in Texas

Dustin Burg

One million dollars. Sounds just great doesn't it? And $250,000 of the million dollar pool can be yours if your Halo 3 pwning skills are unnaturally super.

You can win said cash if you make the trip down to Dallas, TX on December 18th for the $1 million Halo 3 Competition held by the Cyberathlete Professional League. The competition is open to anyone, noob or l33t gamers alike, and registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Like we said, first prize gets $250,000 cash with prizes extending all the way down to 64th place who'll still walk away with a cool $2,500. If you're interested and are willing to head to Longhorn country, make the jump, get learned and register. Who ever said your Halo 3 skills wouldn't earn you a living?

[Via Gaming Bits]

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