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AT&T to concede seven markets in Dobson buy

Chris Ziegler

The biggest thing standing in the way of government approval of AT&T's proposed $2.8 billion acquisition of Dobson has been the concern over loss of competition in markets currently served by both carriers -- and it turns out that's a concern AT&T's been working to address from the beginning. In a court filing by the Department of Justice's anti-trust peeps today, it was revealed that AT&T's cool with shedding seven Dobson markets in five states along with Dobson's "Cellular One" brand in order to secure the feds' seal of approval. All the affected markets are rural and apparently represent a tiny percentage of Dobson's customer base (let alone AT&T's) so it doesn't look like anyone's getting too worked up about the sitch. FCC approval of the deal is expected shortly, so by all accounts, the merger looks like a done deal. Welcome to the fold, Dobson customers.

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