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CBS tosses their hat into the Manhunt 2 debate


CBS anchor Katie Courc thinks that Manhunt 2 is very dangerous. Why? Well, because the vicious acts of murder that are portrayed within aren't carried out in the usual manner, as a player presses buttons on a controller (you do press buttons in Manhunt 2 for the Wii, by the way), but by "wielding a knife, an axe, and a glass shard" to dispatch their opponent. We haven't seen the box for this thing yet, but it would have to be pretty big to include all of these things.

But, what really gets us is the mainstream media's assumption that kids just walk into stores every day and purchase games that are rated "Mature." Even if this happens, and the kid takes said game home and plays it, what about the parents? Are they so absent-minded and uninterested in their child's life that they won't hear the curse words coming from their TV or hear the sounds of these murders (gurgling and the like, we imagine), let alone spend a few seconds to ask what they're playing or, dare we ask, watch their kid play it?

You know, we can understand your stance against violent media in general (well, maybe not everyone's), but the detachment is there. You're holding a white Wiimote and nunchuk, it's not like you could honestly think that you're some crazy psycho killer out there performing murder with no repercussions for your actions. If the game came with a life-sized dummy that you had to choke from behind with the cord connecting nunchuk and Wiimote together for points, then we might be willing to entertain the mainstream media's concerns.

It all comes down to the parents.

[Via Joystiq]

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