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Fox to debut Blu-ray PiP on Sunshine in January


For owners with the right hardware, 2008 is when they will see what Blu-ray Java is truly capable of. Bringing the confusion come to an end, Fox announced during the Blu-ray Festival that the first movie on the format with true picture-in-picture will be the sci-fi flick Sunshine in January. VideoBusiness also learned from Fox VP Steve Feldstein that he expects more players (aside from the PS3 and BD-UP5000) to be in the market that are equipped to handle the extra features. Tomorrow is the BDA's self-imposed deadline, after which new players have to support PiP, persistent memory, and internet connections. Whether or not Warner Bros. drops HD DVD support, Walt Disney has also announced plans to include PiP on Finding Nemo and other titles later in the year.

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