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Giant Interactive breaks the fourth wall by issuing virtual stocks

Chris Chester

In a strange bit of news from the far east, we've just learned that Giant Interactive, the Chinese game developer/publisher behind Zhengtu Online, will be doling out virtual shares of their stocks that will be redeemable for gold in-game, with the in-game value varying depending on the market value of their real-world stock at any given time. Giant Interactive officially goes public on the NYSE this Wednesday.

We're still a bit confused by what they mean by issuing stock. Will shares be available for purchase with in-game gold or is it being handed out for free as some sort of PR stunt? If they're using in-game gold (or even real cash), is this an attempt to gain market capitalization? We know China's laws are bit a different than what we're used to, but is this sort of thing even legal? Does it even matter? It is a mystery!

Either way, we'll find out soon enough. They'll be issuing the virtual in-game stocks from November 1 through the end of the year. Happy trading!

[Via Warcry]

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