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Journey to madness again with 'alarmingly these are not lovesick zombies'

Justin McElroy

We're pleased as punch about the burgeoning indie gaming scene, and we're sure you are too. We bet you probably have your favorite developer who's out there on the edge, pushing the boundaries of what we consider a video game to be. So here's a newsflash: Your guy is nowhere near the edge, if they live in the same reality as Jason Nelson. Jason Nelson makes Jonathan Mak and Phil Fish look like the guys who made Blinx.

If you still have your wits about you after the experience, you might remember Nelson's last project: Game, Game, Game and Again Game. Astoundingly, he managed to come up with an even better title for the follow up: alarmingly these are not lovesick zombies. This time, he tries his hand at a shooter of sorts with predictably reality-bending results. What? He's trying to make a point about the nature of the video game industry too? Shh, you'll ruin it for everybody else.

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