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Joystiq pumpkin-carving contest - vote on the finalists!

Over the last week you've gotten a sneak peek at some of the entries into our pumpkin-carving contest. Now we've whittled down the entries to only 25 finalists and, believe us, picking those 25 proved to be quite a chore! Now it's your turn to select the 10 winners, each of whom will receive one copy of the beautiful 2.5D Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP, courtesy of our pals at Konami.

Peep the 25 finalists after the break, and vote for your favorites by selecting your favorites in our handy, embedded poll at the bottom. When you're all done, take a leisurely stroll through the gallery to take in all of the entries. We'll close the poll and select our final winners tomorrow, Halloween day, at 6pm ET. Good luck!

Gallery: Joystiq Pumpkin Carving Contest '07 | 56 Photos

Michael's Wario pumpkin

Stephen's Nintendo pumpkin lineup

V!K Ressy's Raving Rabbid

Tucker's Pac-Man pumpkin scene

Dominic's Raztacular Psychonauts pumpkin

Corey's Mortal Kombat pumpkin

A.S. Kelley's (Shadow of the) Colossus GETTING STABBED pumpkin

Dan's Bubble Bobble pumpkin

Roy's Illidan Stormrage from World of Warcraft pumpkin

Michelle's Moogle pumpkin

MSU_CokeBoi's Guitar Hero pumpkin

Chuck's Master Chief-splosion pumpkin

Kyle's Elephanilla Viva Pinata pumpkin (SMASH IT!)

Eric's Paper Mario pumpkin

Ben's 8-bit Mario pumpkin

Sherita's Resident Evil chainsaw pumpkin

Cory's Weighted Companion Cube pumpkin (won't stab you)

Misako's Master Higgins (yeah, Adventure Island) pumpkin

Nick's Resident Evil pumpkin

Rob's Kirby/Starman pumpkin

Sherita's Shadow of the Colossus pumpkin

Adam's Wind Waker-era Ganon

Christopher's Stubbs the Zombie pumpkin

Michael's Portal pumpkins

Takayoshi's Mario pumpkin sculpture

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