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LucasArts, BioWare collaborating on...something

Jason Dobson

With the dust only just now beginning to settle from Mass Effect developer BioWare's acquisition by industry powerhouse Electronic Arts, many of us believed that it would be some time before we got wind of the company's next project. It would seem, however, that we were wrong, as both BioWare and LucasArts issued a joint statement today announcing that the studios are working together on "an interactive entertainment product," stopping just shy of cluing us in on just what it is exactly that they are building behind the curtain.

The two bedfellows, which have previously worked together on KOTOR, revealed next to nothing about the new project, stating only that it will "deliver an experience that will span the traditional boundaries of video game entertainment." So, is this project the oft-rumored Knights of the Old Republic MMO, or something else entirely? The wheels of speculation are turning.

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