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Metareview: Manhunt 2


Those of you with a taste for the violent and gruesome have likely already given Manhunt 2 a lengthy play session or two, perhaps even gone so far as to finish the game. Well, some of the critics have, as well, and what they've come away from the experience with is nothing but a bad taste in their mouth, apparently. Most have found the game competent, at best, while others have found the game to be average or less.

Let's see what the critics said, before we get into what you think, shall we?
  • IGN (77/100) says it isn't as good as the first game: "The AI doesn't feel as good as the first game, the setting and environments don't feel as menacing, and the story is definitely weaker. That isn't to say that Manhunt 2 isn't a good game, because it is – Danny and Leo's adventure is enjoyable, especially if you've played the first title and have been waiting to eliminate enemies with plastic bags, crowbars or other household items. But as a whole, Manhunt 2 isn't the tour de force title that will grab your attention and keep you there like the first one did."
  • Games Radar (70/100) thinks it's just a dumbed-down stealth game: "It's hardly the pinnacle of stealth games - the enemies are dumb, and there's not much to do aside from sneaking and killing - but if you're in the mood for something creepy and horrific that'll leave you feeling a little dirty, Manhunt 2's still-shocking murders and eerie, is-it-real-or-am-I-just-insane storyline won't disappoint."
  • GameSpy (50/100) is of the mind that the game could've been something much better: "It's difficult to recommend Manhunt 2 in its current M-rated form to anyone. This material isn't just inappropriate for children, it's not appropriate for most of the people you know. The background material behind the storyline is well developed enough, and those with considerable tolerance for over-the-top gore and violence may derive some pleasure from it. But the game's execution as a bland third-person stealth adventure with sub-par combat and annoyingly stylized death sequences hamstrings what could have been a sleeper hit for mature audiences. It's hard to completely blame Rockstar for all the failings of Manhunt 2, considering the ESRB's hand in crippling the developer's vision."
  • 1UP (40/100) trashes it: "Really, the game warrants a 4 because it's technically playable and, despite its best efforts, probably won't plunge the industry into a period of navel-gazing and political sanction. Everything else about it is largely forgettable."

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