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Sexy shots of Xbox 360 Rock Band USB hub

Kyle Orland

Some may think Rock Band's Fender Stratocaster-inspired guitar is the sexiest thing in that $200 box [correction: $170 box!], but they're forgetting about the USB hub that Xbox 360 players will be using to plug in all those wired instruments. We have to admit, we got a little hot and bothered when we first spied the above picture of the sleek, stylishly-designed four-port hub.

1UP has even more naughty, gratuitous shots of this bad boy, and baby oh baby, they are smoking. We just can't wait until we get to fondle that hot piece of tech for ourselves come Nov. 20. *Drool*

Update: We just noticed that this hub seems to require external power from an A/C adapter wall unit. Significantly less sexy ...

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