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Stephen Fry on the iPhone and digital life


Some of my posts written here on TUAW are specifically meant for you fans to enjoy, and are about things I can't say I care that much about. Some posts here are great for everyone to enjoy, both you and me alike. And some posts, dear readers, are just for me, and anyone who shares my weird collection of fanaticism. This post is of the third variety, so if you have no idea who Stephen Fry is, feel free to move on.

But those of you with a taste for great British comedy will know exactly who Mr. Fry is and why it's so exciting that he's now writing a weekly column about technology for the Guardian. They brag that he bought the second Mac ever sold in England (Douglas Adams, as you might know if you have the same tastes I do, bought the first), but what can't you brag about Stephen Fry-- he's hilarious, insightful, and one of those guys who's pretty much done everything and been entertaining the whole time. His new column won't be all about Apple, but, as he says, Apple can't be ignored in any discussion about computers: "Apple gets plenty of small things wrong, but one big thing it gets right: when you use a device every day, you cannot help, as a human being, but have an emotional relationship with it."

And for more Stephen Fry on Apple, reader Jack also points us to this long blog entry, in which Fry reviews a bunch of smart phones, including the iPhone. Sounds like he has the same problems with it as everyone else does, but in true Stephen Fry style, they're discussed more wittily and entertainingly than anywhere else. Looking forward to reading that column every week.

Thanks, Jack!

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