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1UP editor pokes fun at GamesRadar 'copying' features

Dan Dormer

Back in March, GamesRadar, believing in a Louis XIV fashion that heavenly bodies orbit around them and not visa-versa, accused IGN of stealing their ideas (for the second time) in a story entitled "IGN: officially out of ideas? PART 2: Are they really just copying us, again?" It seems, however, this was a case of the pot calling the kettle black as Scott Sharkey – 1UP editor and lifelong fan of Johnnie Walker – posted an entry on his blog drawing similarities between an article he wrote, "Videogame Breast Exam," and a similar GamesRadar piece, "Best in breast."

Sharkey's response to the possible copying? Making fun of GamesRadar's "Wah-Wah IGN copied a Top X Games on a Console Feature" story, utilizing the <strike> command to its fullest capacity. We giggled the most at his altering the email address from "" to "crybaby@growaf***" However, this didn't tickle the funny bone of a GamesRadar editor, who posted a response on NeoGAF.

"I have a multitude of potential snarky responses, one of which implies that I could buy 1up and EGM with the change under my sofa, but instead of silly faux rivalries, let's all play some ehcks-bawks thr3-sicksty at my house and have a good time." The real question is if Sharkey wants to hang out and drink beer in a glass house?

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