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Dementium: Sneaky Torsos, Vomiting Maws, and some simple strategy


Facing off against terrifying, ungodly beasts can be a little traumatic, but not knowing how to defend yourself against those abominations is even more frightening. When you tear open your copy of Dementium (perhaps obtained gratis from us), how will you proceed? DS Fanboy is here to help. This guide should be just what you need to gain a slight edge in learning how to deal with some of the more unpleasant residents of The Ward in a quick and painless (well, at least for you) manner. Of course, nothing beats experience -- but for now, settle back for a little spooky Halloween strategizing.


Scritters: These carnivorous mutations of the common cockroach have a voracious appetite and swarming tendencies, which can mean an early demise for you if you're not quick with the flashlight.

Quick! Kill it!: Simply enough, aim your flashlight at them and they'll run away. They frighten easily, but they'll be back, and in greater numbers. Running over them will result in a few helpful crunches, but this takes precious time. The most successful strategy is to avoid these critters from hell at all costs. You have bigger and badder things to worry about.

Chest Maws: Like many of the critters you'll find roaming the halls in Dementium: The Ward, these Chest Maws were once human beings. Now, blind, horribly disfigured, and sporting a gaping orifice where their chests used to be, these creatures roam the hallways waiting to wrap their massive jaws around you. Protip: Don't let them.

After peeing yourself, here's what you do: These creatures like to get up close and personal and letting them do so will cost you a good chunk of your health. Your best bet is to keep your distance when fighting them. A carefully placed shot in the heart or head will take them down quicker.

Flying Swarms: Much like the creepily-crawling scritters, these flying catastrophes are a veritable whirlwind of disaster. Get too close and they'll be all over you. That's why they call it a swarm. These airborne fiends are very aggressive and are not easily taken down.

When Bug Spray Isn't an Option: The swarms are attracted to light, so your best offense is a strong defense. Lure them in with the flashlight beam, then when they get close -- turn off the light and run around the group (we won't tell anyone you ran away, scout's honor). Although this strategy doesn't guarantee you won't lose any health, it is the most effective way to avoid these creatures.

Infantile Mollusca: First seen in the infant ward, these strange creatures are able to climb up walls and are often found creeping through the ventilation shafts. Don't let their tiny serpentine bodies deceive you. Keep them far away from you, as they have superior speed and pack quite the punch.

Infantile Strategy: Scream, cry, and call for mommy. No, really: hit them with your firearms from a distance -- usually the 9mm will suffice with one shot, although in later levels there are harder Maturate Mollusca which will require two shots, but overall these fanged worms aren't worth wasting anything more powerful than 9mm rounds.

Screamers: These crazy screaming heads can be found in the central walkways, and they will kick your ass all around the room. They're super fast and can chase you down in an instant. Their agility and strength will make these monstrosities a challenge to kill even with a firearm.

Crazy Kill Tactics: If possible, use your bone saw to take these crazy heads down; just get the saw between the two of you and let it run itself right into the blade -- about three times should do it. If you don't have that, keep a gun ready, shoot it once to knock it back, then repeatedly shoot until it's finally dead.

Sneaky Torsos: These creepy crawlers can be found on the ceilings (they're sneaky) and spit some of the nastiest goop you've ever seen. As expected, that hurts -- but even worse? It'll slow you down. Keep those eyeballs peeled, because these dudes can really ruin your day.

Cool Name, Now How Do I Kill It?: The best course of action is to avoid them altogether, because if you shoot their heads off, the green goop will shoot out all over the place, and then you're really in a bind. Do not try to kill these monsters with any melee weapons, because you will die before they lose any health. If you have to engage at all, shoot the torso from a decent distance.

Vomiting Maws: Just like a regular Chest Maw, but with a surprising (disgusting?) twist! Remember the annoying goop from the Sneaky Torsos? These guys can spew the same stuff at you, but from a distance. Just when you start to relax ....

Keep some extra distance and shoot them, or get up close and personal with your strafing abilities and use your sweet, sweet bone saw (everyone needs at least one) to finish them off. Make sure to weaken goop-spewing maws from a distance when you can ... if not, you can be easily overpowered by their physical attacks. Plus, there's all that icky, uh, ichor to contend with.

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