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Halo 3 center of $1 million competition

Justin McElroy

They don't understand you. Nobody does! You knew that when you skipped four consecutive shifts at the Chik-Fil-A that you'd have to hang up your waffle fry cutting appliance for good. C'est la vie. You had to listen to your gut. You knew that you had a higher calling, you were meant for better things. You were meant ... to get really good at Halo 3.

Now, the prophecy you pretended existed is coming to fruition! The Cyberathlete Professional League is holding a Halo 3 competition December 18 with $1 million prizes. When you take first place, you're going to walk away with a $250,000 slice. Imagine the look on your old boss' face when you buy his precious Chik-Fil-A! ... Well, maybe not buy it with $250,000, but maybe you could become a partner in the franchise. That's basically just as cool.

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