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Harmonix leaves guitar out of its next title

Justin McElroy

You've got to hand it to the guys and gals of Harmonix: They like to keep people guessing. They go from hitting music pods with a ship in Frequency and Amplitude to throwing in an axe for Guitar Hero, then pull in all kinds of instruments for Rock Band. While the next logical step would be Polyphonic Spree: The Game, it seems that the company will be simplifying for their next title.

In that new game, which they'll be discussing at GDC, "beats would not be authored by tech-savvy musicians, but would instead be algorithmically generated." Also, there won't be a dedicated peripheral for the game, a relief to neat freak spouses of gamers throughout the globe.

Whatever they're working on, Harmonix hasn't let us down yet, and we can't wait to see where they're going next.

[Via GSW]

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