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Let's talk about the vehicles of Haze

Nick Doerr

If you haven't been keeping up with Free Radical's Haze, a few weeks ago we talked about their weaponry and today we're going to talk about the vehicles you'll run across. We'll start with the Mantel vehicles.
  • Boxcart - lightweight buggy of sorts.
  • BigBoy - a transport truck with a big ol' rail gun.
  • Mrs. Mantel - a ship that drops soldiers off with really impressive speed.
And the Promised Hand vehicles:
  • Macho (Stag) - a hodgepodge vehicle built for jungle missions
  • Mula (Mule) - a very light buggy.
  • Palo Hueco - a helicopter with crappy armor, apparently.
  • Diente de la Serpiente - think about it. A really slow vehicle with a nuclear missile attached. Sounds like a winner!
All of these vehicles will make an appearance in the single player campaign as well as four player co-op and multiplayer. It seems there's more vehicle action than previously expected. Let's hope they keep the battlefield balanced!

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