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Logitech mouse control in Leopard

Mat Lu

We've mentioned the problems folks have had with the Leopard upgrade with unsanity's APE installed. As Gruber points out, however, the same problem can affect people who have installed the Logitech Control Center software that comes with Logitech mice and keyboards, because LCC apparently uses APE behind the scenes. While some finger wagging is due to Logitech for this, the question now comes up as to what to use instead of LCC to gain access to all the buttons. It turns out that there are at least three options: USB Overdrive ($20), SteerMouse ($20), and ControllerMate ($15), all of which are now Leopard compatible. Of the three, I've only used ControllerMate myself and would recommend it. However, any of the three should give you back control of your Logitech mouse -- it's just a shame you have to spend extra money to get this kind of functionality.

[via Daring Fireball]

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