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Nokia lights up its UK music store November 1

Chris Ziegler

Just a few short weeks after an August announcement, Nokia has officially committed to flipping the switch on the UK outpost of its Music Store tomorrow, November 1. The company -- perhaps realizing that it faces an uphill battle against its pretty well-entrenched competitors who shall remain unnamed for the purposes of this story -- is aggressively pricing tunes at 80 pence per track and full albums from £8 (about $16.50). The launch of the store goes hand-in-hand with Nokia's two fresh high-capacity devices, the N81 8GB and N95 8GB, both of which also officially launch (even though they're already readily available in many locales) come tomorrow. Most tracks are said to be 192kbps WMA, so the quality shouldn't be too shabby; let us know what you think if you decided to give it a shot, k?

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