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Pirates beta diary recounts game's opening moments

Chris Chester

Perhaps mindful of the beta-envy that afflicts those of us who aren't fortunate enough to get into the early rounds of testing for a game to which we are really looking forward, Flying Labs has posted a rather lengthy first-hand account of the first few moments of the Pirates of the Burning Sea by a fan named Misha to satiate our appetite for all things pirate. And from the sound of it, this beta tester has a certain talent for story telling.

"Bilge Rats had boarded [the] ship, so when we came aboard, five of them stormed to me and the crewmen I brought along! I blocked the first two swings, but a third hit me in my arm and blood stained my shirt. I was furious, and smashed my small sword against the face of one of my foes, and thrust my dagger into the throat of another one."

I have a habit of rolling my eyes and just plowing through tutorials without stopping and smelling the roses. Whether Flying Labs really did that good a job with the opening moments of the game, or whether Misha just has a knack for creative embellishment, I know I'm looking forward to starting my swashbuckling career.

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