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Rumor: Hackers unlock Manhunt 2's censored content

Chris Powell

Evoking bad memories of the past, a group of Russian hackers have reportedly hacked the PSP's retail version of Manhunt 2 to unlock the game's censored content. However, unlike the highly publicized "Hot Coffee" mod, you don't need a third-party device to access the content, only a homebrew-enabled PSP and the modification a few configuration files.

If word of this gets out to the mainstream media, it's possible Rockstar could face yet another row of bad press and costly lawsuits. God forbid anyone dressing up as a scientist turned mental patient and going on a dismemberment spree.

Since GTA: San Andreas had a nifty name for its mod, we've come up with one of our own - the "Hot Man Coffee Hunt."

[Thanks for the tip, Mexa]

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