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Stream Music from your iPhone to iTunes with Firefly Media Server


Mike Ter Louw has brilliantly managed to port mt-daapd, the Firefly Media Server, to iPhone. Firefly makes use of your iPhone's built in mDNS/Bonjour media service to stream audio to iTunes. Any iTunes. The one running on your home computer. The one running on a friend's computer. Wherever. Stream from your iPhone to a quality audio system. Here's how it works.

Navigate to with Mobile Safari. This adds Mike's repository to Then launch Installer, select Firefly and install it. Wait as the package builds your music database. This can take 5-10 minutes based on the size of your iTunes library.

On your computer--or any computer you're visiting with--set iTunes to share music. Make sure your firewall settings allow communication and enable "Look for shared library" in your iTunes Sharing preferences.

In iTunes, locate your shared library--it will be listed by the name of your iPhone. Select it and log in. Even if you're using 1.1.1, the media password still appears to be "dottie".

Then just select a song and play! This, ahem, rocks. A lot.

Update: TUAW Reader Jonathan adds: "Safari redirects to /beta/. I bypassed that by going into's sources page and manually adding Installer picked it up right away, and it's building my music database now. "

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