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AARP teaches old people how to play games (badly)

Kyle Orland

Who says old people don't understand technology? Well, actually, we do, and this AARP video quick tip (WMV link) on how to play video games just bolsters our case. While the clip is a little out of date (the systems being discussed are decidedly last-generation) the incredibly unhelpful advice contained within is timeless.

Some choice quotes (don't trust the transcript, watch the video and listen for yourself):
  • "First you need to understand that there's boxes." (Referring to the consoles laid out in front of them)
  • "The controller actually controls it." (News flash!)
  • "Most games just use one or two buttons." (Bring back the NES controller!)
  • "Oh, this is fun." (After about five seconds of making Spongebob run around a bit.)
  • "This is totally fun." (After about fifteen seconds of moving Spongebob around pointlessly)
  • "It's as easy as hooking up a CD player to your TV." (Funny, we've never done that)
  • "This is pretty fun. You're getting me pretty excited about getting better at this ..." (This quote is delivered in perhaps the least excited voice we've ever heard)
Our absolute favorite part, though, has to be the rare, dainty, four-handed control method being demonstrated in the screen capture above. They're handling that controller like some people handle nuclear waste. Priceless.

[Thanks, rikimaru]

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