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Epic motion denied, Silicon Knights lawsuit goes forward


GameDaily BIZ reports that the lawsuits between Epic Games and Silicon Knights will be moving forward as planned, and Epic's motion to dismiss Silicon Knights' case has been denied. The brouhaha all began in July, when Silicon Knigts sued Epic on the grounds that Epic did not deliver final code for the Unreal Engine 3 -- on which Silicon Knights' Too Human is built -- on time. Epic followed with a counterclaim citing breach of contract (among other things) and also filed a motion to dismiss Silicon Knights' case altogether.

Now that the motion has been denied, both lawsuits will move forward. As one might expect, Epic's Mark Rein points out that the denial of the motion does not lend any merit to Silicon Knights' argument, and that such denials are common. Silicon Knights' lawyer, naturally, is "pleased that the court has recognized the merit" in their claims.

No date has been set for the trial.

[Via Joystiq]

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