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Hands-on (again) with the Sidekick Slide for T-Mobile

Chris Ziegler

The widescreen Sidekick LX has cast a long, ominous shadow over the release of the Sidekick Slide, threatening to take a whole lot of steam over the baby Hiptop's launch -- Motorola's first -- come November 7. Guess what, though? Every time we put our hands on the Slide, we're liking it more and more. The thing feels rock solid, the slide mechanism seems like it'll probably be a lot less prone to issues than the pivot found on other models (while spring loading still makes it satisfying to use) and the black / violet color combo isn't the least bit abrasive in person. Even though Danger and T-Mobile have sourced this model to Moto instead of the usual suspect Sharp, make no mistake that this thing's every bit as much a Sidekick inside -- the software's the same and the controls are all where you'd expect them to be. Our only real complaints here: the keypad's a little tricky to use thanks to a dearth of tactile feedback, and after playing with the LX, the Slide's display is a low-res disappointment that leaves a heap of black margin around the edges where additional screen real estate should be. Check out our lil' library of eye candy here while you get amped for next week's launch!

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