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The BDA "clarifies" the Profile 1.1 mandate (PIP)

Ben Drawbaugh

We don't know about anyone else, but we've been a little confused about this so-called mandatory profile 1.1 deadline of October 31st 2007. While some couldn't care less about PIP, -- or any other extras on their HD movies -- who wants to buy a player that doesn't support everything Blu-ray has to offer? The reason we're confused is because manufacturers like Sony just released a players right before the deadline and Samsung's new BD-UP5000 is 1.1 "ready". Well, at this week's Blu-ray fest, Andy Parsons clears up the confusion by saying "We won't quibble over something like the firmware upgrade. The most important thing is to deliver product that meets customer expectations." We're not sure what your expectations are, but as long as your brand new Blu-ray player can handle the first PIP title when it hits the street, we guess it doesn't matter when it became officially 1.1 compliant. Honestly, we're surprised Samsung said anything at all, after all who'd be able to say it wasn't compliant if there weren't any movies before the firmware hit the streets.

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