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Apple releases in-depth UK & German iPhone sites

Nik Fletcher

With just one week, yes a mere seven days, until the iPhone touches down (legitimately) here in the UK and Germany, Apple has unveiled more in-depth iPhone product pages with the ads and more material for the launch of the much-fabled phone. Unfortunately, my favourite ad from the US - 'Calamari' - hasn't made the flight across the Atlantic due to the simple fact that there's no iTunes Movie Store here. All the US videos and guides such as the handy 'Getting Ready for iPhone' are available, as is a more comprehensive pricelist for the iPhone accessories (I'll save rants about 'Rip-off Britain' for another day).

If you've not got your fill of iPhone eye candy (where have you been?) then this certainly is the definitive place to find out what we can expect to be talking about next week - American readers, be warned!

Thanks tipster 'Hutch'!

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