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Call Home with Open URL

I was talking to iPhone Developer NerveGas earlier today and he was thinking about what it would take to put a one-touch call button in with your other iPhone Applications. I reminded him that OpenURL could open phone numbers as well as web pages, and that I already had a "Call Home" button on my iPhone. Of course, he virtually smacked his head and said: "Oh yes, iPhone Apper".

Whether using iPhone Apper or OpenURL, just use the tel prefix and your phone number, e.g. tel:212-555-1212.

Update: By reader request, here's my dreadful icon.

Update 2: TUAW reader orijinal offers a really good point: the iPhone Apper page publishes "recently built apps", complete with Call Home instances that reveal your phone numbers in the URL. You may just want to use Open URL instead.

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