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Casio's "USB Label Mouse Printer" takes convergence too far

Evan Blass

Some products possess complementary features that seem to make for a natural convergence (Cellphone? PDA? Hello!), while others -- like the USB Label Mouse Printer by Casio -- leave us scratching our heads in bewilderment (and not just because of its incomprehensible name -- does it really print mice?). Eschewing laser or optical tracking for the tried-and-true mechanical ball, this wired Frankenmouse packs in a tiny thermal printer capable of spitting out labels in whatever TrueType fonts you have installed on your machine. Why you need this functionality in a poorly-spec'ed pointing device is beyond us, but if for some reason you feel the need to show visitors exactly whom your PC components are "property of," a mere $29 will bring this wonderful new gadget to your desktop.

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